Danny's story: In his own words

| 29 Sep 2011 | 02:44

    I had my first seizure on Election Day (11/7) 2000 which first alerted my family and I to the fact that I had a brain tumor in the front left part of my brain. So, all within a week, I was brought to New York and had brain surgery. I was out of school for about three months. I felt as good as new until one day in my junior year (again in November of 2002) I was told I had another tumor. Same type, almost the same spot. Unfortunately, this tumor was too close to the verbal area of my brain to remove surgically so they decided to treat this one with chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments didn't stop me from living my ordinary life most of the time. I still went to school. I still hung out with my friends on the weekends. I still went to my junior prom, straight from the hospital no less! I was relieved when it was over though. It meant the daily trips to the hospital would end. Then, in 2007, a third tumor was discovered. But during the surgery, the doctor found tumor cells that did not come out on any MRI and that were so close to the verbal area of my brain he felt hesitant to remove them. So, another round of chemotherapy began. This is where I am currently. I cannot complain about the quality of medical staff I have had throughout this time though. Throughout this entire experience, I have only had good doctors working on me and my case so I know I am and always was in good hands. Also, we are always trying to find the right combination of medication, or as some doctors say a medicine cocktail. While we haven't found the right combination yet, I'm sure we will. Have we had hurdles on the path up to this point? Of course. But the benefits far outweigh them.