Gin Blossoms are ready to rock out Newton

| 04 Feb 2014 | 03:49

"Bring a coat."
Sound advice for Jesse Valenzuela — co-founding member, guitarist and vocalist of the Gin Blossoms — given the extreme winter the northeast has been experiencing. Especially since Valenzuela is coming from sunny California.

"Here in Los Angeles it will be 78 degrees," said Valenzuela on Friday, Jan. 31. "It's been a nice time."

The Gin Blossoms flew into Pennsylvania on Monday to kick off their tour on Tuesday and will be playing in Newton on Friday, Feb. 7.

"Other than the cold, it doesn’t matter it will be a lot of fun," Valenzuela said. "There will be lots of vans, lots of three hour drives. And I can't wait to eat at Roy Rogers."

Winter shows
Formed in 1987, this American rock band has toured all over the world, yet Valenzuela finds comfort in performing during the winter and playing at local venues such as Newton Theatre.

"Winter shows are more intimate and we can play a deeper show," Valenzuela said. "We play older songs."

Popular hits include “Hey Jealousy," “Until I Fall Away," “Follow You Down” and the Grammy-nominated “As Long As It Matters.”

The best part of coming to the east coast has to be the fans for Valenzuela.

"And at this point in our illustrious career we really have been gifted with a lot of great fans," Valenzuela said. "It's nice to see people you really know, friends we have gained over years or have seen at shows. It's kind of communal."

Many of the fans will come back to meet and greet band members and even tweet to the members before a show through Twitter asking if want they want to eat.

"People will graciously bring cookies or baked goods," said Valenzuela. "We have wonderful people who tweet that they will bring peanut butter cookies... In New Jersey and New York and Pennsylvania, lots of people offer to bring lasagna and salads. And the food is terrific! It makes you feel good. It's a pleasure to be in the northeast, especially in wintertime, when really want a big meal, especially when it's cold out."

More information
The Gin Blossoms will be performing at Newton Theatre at 8 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 7. The Newton Theatre is located 234 Spring Street in Newton. Tickets are $59 premium, $49 orchestra and $39 balcony. For more information or for tickets visit or call 973-383-3700.