He's a poet, and now we know it

| 08 Jan 2014 | 12:32

By Don Carswell
When Armando DeMarchi waxes poetic, he takes it to a serious level. The 20-year-old Sparta resident has just published a poetry book entitled Outta My Mind. Outta My Mind is a collection of 103 poems that came straight from, you guessed it, DeMarchi’s mind, and cover a wide range of subjects and genres. DeMarchi will be hosting a book signing at his home on Saturday, Jan. 11 between 12:30 and 2:30 p.m..

“I just started writing poems in the summer,” says DeMarchi. “I showed them to some people just on a whim. They liked them and told me I should get them published.” DeMarchi explains the poems are about “all sorts of things.”

“Some of them are funny; some are deep and insightful,” he says. “Some ideas just came to me; other times I thought about something I wanted to say and made a poem about it.”

DeMarchi says he published Outta My Mind, his first book, in order to have an achievement. He also admits to going through some rough times in his life, which helped inspire him. “All of the greatest authors had some struggles,” he says, adding that they then picked up pen and paper and turned these challenges into something positive.

DeMarchi is a 2012 graduate of Pope John High School and currently studies electrical engineering at the County College of Morris. He is already thinking about his next book. “The next one,” he says, “will probably take more time!”

Readers interested in attending the book signing are welcome to contact DeMarchi directly by e-mail at armando_demarchi@yahoo.com.