“Jungle” hike to explore new trails with West Milford 13ers

| 29 Sep 2011 | 02:39

West Milford - The West Milford 13ers invite you to explore newly built trails by participating in their “Welcome 2 the Jungle” hike, Saturday, March 28, at 9:30 a.m. Starting in the former Warner Brothers Jungle Habitat safari park, West Milford author and hike leader Don Weise will guide the group past the old animal cages and to the tops of Long Hill, Overlook Rock, West Brook Mountain, and Manaticut Point. Total distance will be seven to eight miles. Several new and renovated trails have opened up the area, one of West Milford’s least traveled and most mysterious destinations, to the public. The Burnt Meadow area is known for its mountain top views, secluded Lake Sonoma, and abundant wildlife, including coyotes. Along this route, you will summit two required peaks from Weise’s hiking book, West Milford Baker’s Dozen. The West Milford 13ers are dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism, hiking locally, and introducing residents of the New York metropolitan area to the New Jersey Highlands. For more information about the club and its future outings, visit www.weishike.com. The hike will be moderately paced, but participants should be in good cardiovascular condition. Dress for the weather, wear proper hiking shoes, and bring lunch and plenty of water in a backpack. Cost is $8 per person. For more information and directions to the trailheads, email donweise@hotmail.com.