New York Kammermusiker to perform at Christ Church

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:16

    SUSSEX COUNTY-After touring for the summer in Europe as part of their residency at the Paris Conservatory, The New York Kammermusiker, possibly the world's finest double-reed ensemble, will give a one-time performance at Christ Episcopal Church, 62 Main St. in Newton at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 2. This will be the second classical music concert in the "Concerts at Christ" series, featuring many of today's finest musicians. Founded in 1969 by Ilonna Pederson, The New York Kammermusiker has dedicated themselves to presenting music to as wide-ranging an audience as possible. The members of the group, all former and current members of symphony orchestras, combine their talents in a repertoire ranging from the early Renaissance through contemporary periods, all in an informal stage manner. "This style of performance invites the audience to know more about the works performed and the instruments used," explains Pederson. "We really like to have fun during the concert, and our audience should be part of the experience." The members of the Kammermusiker have been specially trained by the French organization Jeunesses Musicales de France to bring music to young audiences. In addition to concertizing in dozens of countries on five continents, the ensemble frequently gives master classes and seminars on its tours. Double reed instruments and their repertoire have a long history dating back several thousand years. These instruments came from all over the world. Marco Polo may have introduced many of them when he returned from China. The similarity of double reed instruments are shown in the common heritage of Chinese Suono, Indian Shenai and European Shawm. The double reed ensemble is well documented in the writings and in pictures and were a familiar sight in Renaissance towns. Shawms, crumhorns and racketts came in all sizes and were used by members of a town's watch. There is also reason to believe they were used by the church for religious services. The seventeenth century was the golden age of double-reed orchestras, with compositions being written by Hassler, Erbach, Scheldt and Pretorius. Even Baroque composers J.S. Bach, Georg Freidrich Handel and Georg Telleman composed pieces for double reeds. The New York Kammermusiker has taken the double-reed to new heights, with Josef Marx of New York, oboists Hans Hadamowsky and Jurg Schaeftlein of Vienna, Austria, and English horn and direction from Ilonna Pederson of New York. Sud Quest of Royan, France comments, "The quality of the musicians surpasses the imagination. Their virtuosity surmounts every challenge, of course, but the beauty of timbre, sensitive interpretation and perfect balance collectively achieved by the artist are the fruits of a long and detailed labor." "Our last stop in Europe was at Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, and now we are headed to Christ Church," related Ilonna Pederson. "We couldn't be more thrilled playing there." Seating is limited for this concert. Tickets may be obtained by calling Christ Episcopal Church at 973-383-2245 or visiting Lou's Music Center, 120 Spring St., Newton or calling the center at 973-579-5786. A wine and cheese reception will follow the show.