Rotary clubs offering exchange trips to Japan

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:45

    Students ages 15-23 are invited to represent the region on a cultural exchange with Japan through the Rotary Short-Term New Generations Program, which for the past 27 years has been offering the opportunity to experience life in another country. The group will be departing the last week of June for Shikoku Island, Japan, where families of Japanese Rotarians will host them for three weeks. During their stay, participants will visit Kyoto and Hiroshima, as well as cultural, entertainment, business, and government sites in southern Japan. An equivalent number of Japanese students will visit Northern New Jersey Rotarian families in August for a similar experience. The group will be limited to 30 students and three Rotarian leaders. Cost of the trip is $2,000, which covers transportation to and from Shikoku Island. All other costs will be absorbed by the host Rotarians in Japan. For information, call 618-1186; or visit