The Knuckleheads - ready to knock out some tunes

| 29 Sep 2011 | 02:53

West Milford - The Knuckleheads - don’t let the band’s name deceive you. Five of the band members are local business owners of long standing and upon seeing the group perform you may start thinking - where do I know them from? Band member Sean Kane, a West Milford resident and co-owner of West Milford Physical Therapy, credits the local Music at the Mission as being the birth place of this talented group. “One half of the band is directly connected to the Mission and its efforts to draw talent from the community and surrounding area. The other half has an indirect connection as being the venue where they all cut their teeth on live performances,” Kane said. When local resident Harry Raup built a music studio in his home, he didn’t realize he would be instrumental in the formation of the Knuckleheads. One thing led to another and soon studio sessions and open mic appearances brought individual talents to light, and the group together. Sean Kane is a frequent volunteer at Music at the Mission. The Knuckleheads is his first band experience and he’s enjoying himself immensely with this collection of family and friends. Brian Kane, Sean’s brother, a singer and songwriter from Rockland County, has 20 years experience performing original music. Matt Gallman, the owner of Gallman Company in Oak Ridge, is a versatile musician, playing violin, mandolin, accordion, guitar, and harmonica. Phil Luogameno, owner of Northstar Building Associates in West Milford, credits the Mission with reviving his passion for playing bass guitar, a talent he has had since high school. Another Kane brother, Bob, has served as an inspiration to his younger brothers since his teen years when he played guitar at numerous live performances. Steve Smith, the latest member of the band, is the drummer who brings a digital twist to the percussion section of the band. Jeremy Heilman owns a West Milford-based piano tuning business and acts as the stage manager for all of the band’s shows. Ron Remschel, owner of SANS in Ringwood, is the audio engineer and computer genius who helped to shape the sound of the band. The Knuckleheads will be appearing at the South Shore Grill on Greenwood Lake Turnpike in Hewitt on Friday, May 15, at 9 p.m. “The show promises to delight fans of the Beatles, the Band, or any number of musicians heard regularly on WFUV,” Kane said.