‘Wasp Woman’ to be shown at the Columns Museum

Milford. The third annual viewing of the film will be shown in the Foundation Room ath the Columns Museum on Broad Street.

| 01 Oct 2021 | 05:27

It was a film beloved by the late, great Miriam Siegel, co-founder of the paper you are now reading as well as the Pike County Historical Society’s last vice president (she died in February at age 82).

Join the historical society for the third annual showing of “Wasp Woman” at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 2, in the Foundation Room at the Columns Museum, 608 Broad St., Milford.

“Seigel was quite the film buff, and when we showed her this little gem a few years ago, she proclaimed it to be her ‘favorite movie ever!’” says the invitation from the historical society.

The 1959 horror film tells the story of a cosmetic company executive who injects herself with a secret serum — made from wasp jelly(?) — that seemingly reverses the aging process. Does it? You’ll have to make a reservation and join to find out!

Call 570-296-8126 or email pikemuse@ptd.net to reserve. Only 20 seats are available.