Supporting Teachers: four ways to help lighten the burden for educators

| 09 Aug 2023 | 01:10

Teachers are more than leaders in their classrooms, they are leaders in the communities they serve, committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow, and their value cannot be overstated. To provide an optimal learning environment that equips their students for success, teachers often go above and beyond, sometimes at great personal expense.

In fact, an analysis by My eLearning World estimates teachers will spend an average of $820.14 out of pocket on school supplies during the 2023-24 school year, the largest amount ever, which doesn’t include all of the hours dedicated beyond the traditional school day.

To help alleviate some of the burden, consider these ways parents, guardians and community members can contribute and support the efforts of educators.

Volunteer in the Classroom

One of the easiest ways to learn what life is like in the classroom and truly understand the needs is to spend some time there helping out. Many school districts could use volunteers to assist with one-on-one tutoring, organizing library books, chaperoning field trips, speaking to classes about career paths and more. Start by checking with your child’s teacher or calling the front office to see what opportunities might be available.

Assist with Classroom Registries

Well-equipped classrooms are essential to student success, but teachers cannot do it alone. To help assist educators in reducing out-of-pocket expenses for classroom supplies, Walmart’s Classroom Registry allows teachers to create personalized lists of items they need, making it easy for the community to contribute to and support their efforts. Tailored to educators with personalized creation flow and recommended classroom items unique to each grade level – including popular items such as stationery, classroom decorations, art supplies, classroom treats and rewards such as stickers and “edutainment” items – teachers can share their lists quickly and easily through direct links to their custom registries. Registries are also discoverable via the registry search using the teacher’s last name and state.

Work with Your Student at Home

Not all learning takes place in the classroom. In fact, you can model the importance of your child’s education at home and create good habits such as doing homework at a certain time each night, getting a good night’s rest before school and using lessons learned in the classroom during family time. Contact your child’s teacher to learn more about the lesson plan and what you can do at home to assist with your student’s education.

Attend School Board Meetings to Voice Support

Because important decisions that impact teachers are often made by those not in the classroom every day, keeping tabs on the issues impacting teachers and local school districts can help you advocate for educators if the need arises. Start by attending a few school board meetings to learn how they operate and get a handle on issues directly impacting teachers. Then make your voice heard – or run for the school board – to support policies and actions that serve teachers’ best interests.

Find customized classroom wish lists and more resources to support teachers at

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