Where in Vernon?

Vernon /
| 06 Jan 2022 | 02:12

The holiday spirit of peace and goodwill continues into 2022 with this week’s Where In Vernon? answers.

“This is the front on the Mountain Creek South Lodge, located on Route 94,” writes the loyal and expert “Where In” player Burt C. Wyman III of Barry Lakes. “In addition, this exact same ‘Where In’ photo also ran in early July 2021. I passed there yesterday afternoon and the holiday wreath is no longer there, so this is a very dated photo. You folks really need to get your acts together. Goodbye.”

Ah, someone at the Advertiser was making a little too merry, perchance?

Others who knew where to find the detail include Richard B. Thompson II of Vernon and Mikscole Kiasoul of Highland Lakes.

Thank you for playing along.