Sussex chicken ordinance sent to Planning Board

Sussex Borough. The council has put hold on enforcement of its chicken ordinance while it works to pass an update that could possible open up more borough residents to raising chickens.

| 07 Nov 2022 | 04:24

Sussex Borough Mayor Edward Meyer on Nov. 1 reported that he sent a proposed chicken ordinance to the borough Planning Board and officials plan to put a hold on enforcement while the ordinance is considered.

The borough is basing its draft ordinance off a similar passed by Ogdensburg in early 2021. Ogdensburg’s ordinance allows no more than six domesticated hens in connection with a single-family residential use lot. It is only permitted in residential zones and are for personal use only.

Meyer said the ordinance may come back to the Borough council at its first December meeting.

Sussex Borough’s ordinance doesn’t allow the raising of chickens unless a property owner has 6 or more acres of land.