Vernon Valley Karate prepares future leaders

Vernon. Students on the Elite Karate Leadership Squad at Vernon Valley Karate completed their training after spending two months studying karate heritage, fine-tuning their karate technique and practicing strategies to lead them to become junior instructors.

| 13 Dec 2019 | 12:55

Students from Vernon Valley Karate Academy recently completed their levels of training for the “Elite Karate Leadership Squad”. Progressing in rank were Major: Dion Rolando, Captain: Taylor Schoenfeld, Lieutenant: Wade Riley, Master Sergeant: Ryan Rieger, Sergeant First Class: Christian Stone and Eric Waller, Sergeant: Braden Rosario, Eric Rosario, Rachel Olinski, and Jackson Saltzman, Corporal: Elijah Fischer and Jake Remington.

These advanced students spent the past two months studying our karate heritage, fine-tuning their karate technique and practicing strategies that will lead them to become competent Junior Instructors when helping other students.

Their families attended the class to witness the discipline and Reishiki (etiquette) that all of the students so commendably displayed. All those present felt pride in their accomplishments.

This ongoing program will continue in the Spring with a number of new students entering the program.

“Upon reaching age 14, many of these students will become paid Assistant Instructors at our Academy,” commented Sensei Tom Shull. “We have had great success preparing our Junior Students to take on the responsibility throughout High School, College and beyond as karate instructors.”