A hair-raising event

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:09

Hamburg — They offered up their locks for a good cause. More than 120 people of all ages volunteered to have their heads shaved at Hamburg Fire Department’s St. Baldrick’s event, a fundraiser for research into childhood cancers. The program was begun last year by Dan Shane, former chief of the Hamburg Fire Department, after he lost a friend to a rare cancer. “Last year we raised almost $9,000 and our goal this year was $15,000,” said Jacqui Shane, co-organizer of the event. “We came up a little short ($9,685) with almost half of the money being raised by the Sussex Fire Department. But with the economy the way it is I think we did great.” Along with the help of the local fire departments, Hamburg Elementary School sold wrist bands and the local Boy Scouts held a bake sale. Barbers were Danielle Anderson, Amanda Brennan, Tara Flatt, Susan Grodsky, Stacey Michelman and Jill Space; Cheryl Costanzo, who owns the Augusta Barber Shop, closing to donate her time. In addition to the shavings, six people who were not ready to bare it all had Locks of Love haircuts. For information on St. Baldrick’s or to make a donation, call 973-827-4920.