Anti-drinking lesson at school

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:30

Franklin — Sixth-graders at Franklin Elementary School learned about the dangers of underage alcohol use when State Sen. Steven Oroho visited their school to participate in a Reach Out Now Teach-In. “Most sixth-graders in our community are not using alcohol, but it is a decision many face,” said Becky Carlson, assistant director for the Center for Prevention & Counseling. “Alcohol use is reported by 39 percent of eighth-graders. Far too many children are beginning to drink at a dangerously early age. This Reach Out Now Teach-In is an important step in helping our kids get a clear and consistent message at home and at school that underage drinking is dangerous, illegal, and unacceptable.” Franklin Elementary was one of hundreds of schools nationwide to hold an event for the program during the month of April, which is Alcohol Awareness Month. For more information about this initiative, call the Center for Prevention & Counseling at 973-383-4787.