Architect shows how it's done at Lafayette School Career Day

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:53

    Lafayette — Suzanne Sowinski from Sowinski Sullivan Architects recently participated in the Lafayette School Career Day. Along with her assistant Alice Riches, Sowinski presented various projects that have been completed by the firm. The students were informed of what kind of degree would be required, how long it would take to complete the degree, and the internship that would be required upon completion of graduation with a professional degree in architecture. Sowinski also discussed the subjects that the students would need to focus on in high school which would prepare them for applying to an accredited architectural school. Besides discussing what skills would be needed to become an architect, a day at an architect’s office was explained to the students. Riches discussed her background as an interior designer, having graduated from James Madison University with a bachelor of fine arts in interior design. Sowinski graduated from New York Institute of Technology with a bachelor of architecture and has owned her own company for over 12 years. The presentation was given to six groups of between 20 and 30 students in the 6 through 8 grades. The students were most interested in the computer software that an architect can use, and the fact that buildings they frequent everyday started as a simple sketch and ended up as the building they know. Sowinski Sullivan Architects is located in the historic section of Lake Mohawk in Sparta. For more information, visit