Beautification projects taking place in Vernon

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:47

    VERNON — Aspen Companies and Heaven Hill Farms are participating in beautification projects in Vernon. Aspen recently completed its work at the northwest corner of Routes 94 and 515. Heaven Hill Farms is due to begin its work on the opposite side of Route 94 at the same intersection shortly, according to Martin Theobold of Heaven Hill Farms. “In the past few weeks the town of Vernon moved a step closer to creating the picturesque downtown that many envision,” said Sam Lewin, chairman of Vernon’s Beautification Committee. “It is a small step but an important one because it required a partnership between our town and private enterprise without any more compensation then a sincere thank you from the town when the work was done.” The Beautification Committee began its efforts last year when the town’s mayor Austin Carew sought help in making the idea a reality. “This town’s primary industry is tourism and it is important to the livelihood of many businesses here that as you approach these gateways in Vernon you are left with the feeling that the place is charming,” Carew said. The committee has been working with township manager Melinda Carlton to get the assistance of her staff in posting “Welcome to Vernon” signs at strategic points in town and committing to the watering of landscaped areas once the professional landscapers have finished their work. At a recent township meeting, Lewin urged business owners in town to take a good look at their storefronts to see how these areas could be improved. “It is in the interest of all of our business owners to focus on making Vernon more beautiful and inviting,” Lewin said. “To our way of thinking, what’s good for Vernon is good for our business and it is nice to be involved in a project that will ultimately put a better face on the town,” said Ron Muller, Aspen Companies co-owner. For more information on the project, call 973-903-1850.