Boro sells eyesore properties

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:52

    SUSSEX-After final approval was authorized to auction three town properties to the public, the bidding began for 16 Harrison St., 28 Highland Ave. and 46 Main St. at last night's mayor and town council meeting. Borough Attorney Megan Ward conducted the auction and the buildings are being sold for $41,000, $5,000 and $3,000 respectively. The borough has struggled for years to clean up the history of these properties and eventually foreclose on them. "On one property, it took over five years for Sussex to clear the title," said Councilman Jonathan Rose. "The condition of the buildings has resulted in all of the properties being deemed not for public use. When the sale is final, the town can put the properties back on the tax roll." After the ordinance was introduced at the Nov.1 meeting, the town advertised a Public Notice for sale of the land. Last night's bidders have 60 days to investigate any liens on the property and to close on the sale. After that period, the purchasers are granted anther 60-day period to obtain a permit to demolish or renovate the buildings. Brian Mac Donald, who won a bid of $3,000 for 46 Main Street, said simply, "I just want to fix it up." He had no clear plans for the future of his new purchase. At the Nov. 1 meeting, Councilman Frank Dykstra proposed that all the money from the sale of the properties be dedicated to sidewalks, roads and infrastructure in Sussex, including parking. Money from the sale, Mayor Katherine Little and the town council agreed, would save the boro from having to borrow money to address such issues.