| 22 Feb 2012 | 07:47

Rescue drill gives emergency workers chance to practice Ogdensburg — Ice fishermen can rest a little easier now. The Ogdensburg Fire Department held cold water rescue drills on Heaters Pond Sunday morning. “We hold this type drill at least once a year. The most likely call for an ice rescue is the end of March when people try to get in one last day of fishing. The sun gets strong and the ice gets weak,” said Jamie Wottle, first assistant fire chief. The drill was held on a smaller part of the pond across Edison Road, so as to not disturb people ice fishing on the main pond. Ogdensburg Police Department member Jimmy Lame took part in the drill, wearing the thick rescue suit. The gloves and boots are permanently attached to the suit, which is donned through a waterproof zipper. A hood and a face-protecting flap, closed by Velcro, completes the bulky outfit. “You can feel the cold through the suit but it keeps you dry,” said Lame. Two tools resembling stubby ice picks are stored in pockets on the forearms of the suit. The pointed tools enable a rescuer to climb out of a hole in the ice by providing grip and something to pull against.