Budget calls for three-point hike

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:48

    VERNON-The proposed Vernon township budget will be available to the public for review at the Aug. 9 regular council meeting. A budget increase of three points was due to some increases in the cost of insurance, gas and utilities, and money needed for snow removal during the past winter, issues the township did not have a lot of control over, according to Mayor Ira Weiner. The budget increase, originally slated for about seven points, was partially alleviated by watershed aid to the township, said Weiner. Also, some of the spending is for work on current projects that will yield future commercial ratables. "All in all, it's pretty good in light of the challenges we had to face," said Weiner. A brief rundown of other matters discussed at the July 26 township council meeting: - Highland Lakes resident Ray Zimmerman was appointed to the township recreation board. The board still has vacancies; interested parties can submit letters to the township. - Lake Panorama resident Anthony Anari spoke before the council regarding constructing a skate park in Vernon after equipment donated from Mountain Creek was found to be in unsatisfactory condition. Anari stated he was willing to work on this issue if the property originally proposed for the project would still be available. Although the council could not make any guarantees, it would be "seriously predisposed" to considering a plan for a park, said recreation board liaison and councilmember Neil Desmond.