Celebrating 30 years in Vernon

Vernon. Dr. Dani Segal and Healthy Thymes have been educating Vernon residents on health and serving their customers for 30 years.

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| 29 Oct 2019 | 01:16

Dr. Dani Segal believes education is the key to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why she holds two masters degrees, one with a homeopathy concentration, and a doctorate in holistic and sports nutrition.

Her philosophy that “knowledge is power”, is a key part of the success that has allowed Healthy Thymes Market to proudly celebrate its 30th anniversary in Vernon this month.

Dr. Dani regularly conducts lectures, classes and workshops to keep people informed about a wide range of health topics.

Ladies’ Night, empowering women’s health at every age will take place on Saturday, Nov. 9 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Healthy Thymes Market on Route 94. The power of sleep will be the topic of a future presentation.

Dr. Dani refers to hemp, CBD oil and medicinal mushrooms as “superheroes.” Besides these, Healthy Thymes stocks clean, organic grocery store items, thoroughly researched, all-natural body care products, supplements and vitamins.

Dr. Dani and her husband, Dan, began by baking bread at home and selling prepared health foods to other stores. Finally, in 1989, the couple decided to open their own health food store in various locations in Vernon, with the current store located on Route 94.

Dr. Dani says she’s been a true vegetarian since the 1960s, long before it was popular. “I’ve always watched what I’ve eaten since high school,” she said.

Dr. Dani attributes her store’s longevity to the loyalty of Vernon residents and the surrounding communities.

“We wouldn’t be able to celebrate this (30th year in business) milestone in health without our loyal customers,” the doctor said. “Many of our current shoppers include children and grandchildren of original customers.”

"Hemp, CBD oil and medicinal mushrooms are 'superheroes.”
Dr. Dani Segal, Healthy Thymes Market