H&H Auto Parts marks 50 years in business

VERNON. Founded by Ward Huey Sr. and Ward Huey Jr., the business was sold to employee Tom Lutz in 1999.

Vernon /
| 22 Jan 2023 | 11:58

In 1973, Ward Huey Sr. and Ward Huey Jr. took the risk of a lifetime and came out on top.

The father and son each took second mortgages on their homes and started H&H Auto Parts.

Fifty years later, the business on Route 94 in Vernon is owned by Tom Lutz.

He was a Vernon Township High School student in 1983 and a member of the school’s automobile club.

Because of his love of cars and positive work ethic, he was hired as a part-time employee at H&H.

When Ward Jr. retired in 1999, he sold the business to Lutz.

“Tom continues to own and operate H&H Auto Parts to this day. He has been part of the business for 40 years,” said Dyan Huey-Thompson, granddaughter and daughter of the founders.

Huey-Thompson and her sister Dawn Foley still own the strip-mall building and plan to pass it on to their children.

Huey-Thompson remembers her dad’s words of wisdom: “Your competition may be smarter than you but never let them out-work you.”

Lutz reflects fondly on the two Wards.

“Getting a start in the business was a great experience,” he said. “Cars were always my passion.”

He is planning a customer appreciation day in June and will announce the 50-year anniversary with a celebratory banner at the store.