ShopRite expects to start building Wantage store in April

Wantage. Committee member Ronald Bassani wants ShopRite to consult the township more than it has while it makes its plans.

| 19 Nov 2020 | 02:09

ShopRite expects to start building its Wantage store in April, Wantage Township Mayor Jon Morris announced at last Thursday’s committee meeting.

Morris said builders will strip the topsoil and start backfilling the building pad area.

“They have a small window where they can’t work,” Morris said. “There is a moratorium because of the eagle’s nest from January until March. There’s a limited window in which they can start moving dirt.”

ShopRite builders are importing material now so that workers can start, Morris said. The store will be located on Route 23 in Sussex Borough, while the parking lot will be split between Sussex Borough and Wantage Township.

“That’s their goal, and that’s their plan,” Morris said. “I wish them luck, and hopefully we’ll see something by spring.”

Committee member Ronald Bassani said he expressed concern to ShopRite officials on a conference call with business administrator Michael Restel that the township was not included on several conference calls and meetings.

“It’s not that I think they’re trying to hide something,” Bassani said. “I think it’s an oversight on their part to not include us. We want them to know that even though they may be doing things that are totally geographically in Sussex Borough, we still want to play a very active role.”