Warwick. WTBQ sister radio station in New Jersey now both AM and FM

| 02 Jun 2020 | 10:39

Last year Frank Truatt, owner of radio station WTBQ (AM 1100//FM 93.5) based in Warwick, and Station Manager Taylor Sterling announced the acquisition of another radio station, WGHT (AM 1500), based in nearby Pompton Lakes, New Jersey.

At that time WGHT, an AM station since 1964, had a listening audience of 2.35 million ranging from North Jersey counties including Passaic, Essex, Bergen and others as well as New York City and the Metropolitan area.

WGHT has just become FM 98.3 as well as AM 1500 and between the two stations that results in a three million listening audience from New York City through North Jersey, where WGHT’s signal ends and WTBQ’s signal picks up from Northern New Jersey through Orange County and into Pike County in Pennsylvania.

Truatt creates a separate daily and nightly music log for WGHT and the daytime talk shows are simulcast.

Listeners throughout the world also have access via the Internet.

Taylor explained that the music is customized for the WGHT listening audience as they build local talk shows for WGHT like those successfully created for the WTBQ audience.

For additional information call 986-7766 or email Taylor@wtbq.com.

- Roger Gavan