Camel expert hails

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:19

from Sussex County Augusta — Who do you call when your camel is anemic or pulls up lame? Dr. S. Jahangir Akbar, D.V.M., veterinary consultant for the royal family of Dubai knows. Dr. Ted Spinks V.M.D., of the Animal Hospital of Sussex County in Augusta, recently returned from Dubai after consulting with Akbar on the famous racing camels owned by the royal family. “I was recommended by a veterinarian colleague in Florida, who knows of my work with camelidae, the scientific classification of camels, llamas, alpacas, and guanocos,” said Spinks. “This was my second trip to Dubai to work on the racing camels.” In 2008 Spinks consulted with Dr. Galligan, V.M.D., M.B.A., of the University of Pennsylvania after Spinks diagnosed a camel with dietary deficiencies. The anemia was corrected with dietary supplements. That camel went on to win races, securing Spinks’ reputation as a camel expert with the royal family of Dubai. Spinks has 28 years of experience with standard bred racing horses at the Meadowlands, Pocono Downs, and Monticello. Included in his local practice are pleasure horses, cattle, llama, and alpaca. Spinks was invited this year to consult during the week of the Dubai World Cup of Horse Racing. While there, he received a personal tour of the Godolphin stables conducted by Akbar. Godolphin stables are home to the world renowned thoroughbred racing horses of Dubai. “Today’s American veterinary medicine provides a different perspective than the traditional Arabian medical procedures. Many of the veterinarians of Dubai graduated veterinary school in Pakistan,” said Spinks. Spinks provides up-to-date research and American medical techniques at the Dubai Camel Hospital.