Catholic schools create overarching academy

| 22 Feb 2012 | 07:58

The Catholic Diocese of Paterson is in the process of implementing The Academy of Sussex County Catholic Schools, which will act as a governing body encompassing all Catholic Schools in Sussex County. Father Kieran McHugh, current principal at Pope JohnXXIII High in Sparta, has been appointed director of the new consortium and will step down from his post at Pope John on July 1. He will remain at Pope John, however, in the role of president and will continue many of his administrative duties. Gloria Shope, the school’s vice principal, will step up to principal on July 1. The Academy has been created to unify Catholic Schools in Sussex County. Under its guidance, organizers say, curriculum and technology at the grammar schools will be realigned and input from staff supervisors at the high school will be put into play. Workshops for all schools will be held throughout the year to coordinate technology. “Nothing is too good for our students; our goal is to provide the best education possible,” said McHugh. As part of the Academy program, curriculum supervisors from Pope John will visit the grammar schools routinely, providing guidance and goals to better ready the students for high school. Representatives from the Catholic schools involved all agree that the unification will benefit them. “The Academy is absolutely the way of the future, without a doubt,” said Jo-Ann Higgs, principal at St. Joseph Regional School. Participating: Camp Auxilium St. Joseph Regional School Immaculate Conception Regional Rev. George Brown Pope John XXIII High School