Check the facts on Lake Neepaulin

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:34

    It is a disappointment that the Friends of Lake Neepaulin has had to go outside the town of Wantage and the community to gain recognition for their accomplishments for their efforts in serving the community, town and being the caretaker of the lake and environment. Unfortunately the negative press, from misleading and false information, is taking a toll on membership, which is down about 50 percent over last year. I am embarrassed and ashamed, how the dam issue has been handled. To let it continue to fester with unsupported, misleading and false statements has only unjustly divided and tarnished this town. You can’t make someone listen or see what they don’t want to know. This would diminish the purpose for a cause that has mostly been built on hearsay and untruths. (The facts and nothing but the supported facts!) A person loses his or her integrity and self-worth when unsubstantiated information rolls from the tongue; it only distorts the truth and the facts. Emotions and opinions have only clouded this issue, it now is time to consider only the supported and substantiated information. The possible demise of FOLN, (which has been an open book of information from the beginning, on the FOLN Web site), will only put the full liability, responsibility of the caretaking of the lake or wetlands and all adverse consequences, on the town and all taxpayers. This will come at a much greater cost then the solution that has already been proposed. Peter Johr Wantage