Councilman thanks primary supporters and kicks off scholarship fund

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:44

    Primary election day has come and gone, the votes have been cast and unfortunately I was unsuccessful in my attempt at a third consecutive term serving Vernon on the Vernon Township Council. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all who supported me during this recent campaign as well as during my tenure as your town councilman. I had an opportunity to drive around Vernon this past week and could not help but feel good as I looked around at all I was able to accomplish these past eight years on the Vernon Township Council. Some of those things, such as Maple Grange Park, will be here to serve Vernon for many more generations of Vernon residents. I genuinely feel my life is better for having served our town. I consider it to be one of my greatest learning experiences. And as I learned from my parents when I was a boy growing up, in winning as well as in losing in life, everything happens for a reason. I ran the type of campaign I wanted to run...staying “above the fray” and refusing to participate in the politics of personal destruction. Today I have no regrets, and now close the book on my life in Vernon politics. I now focus on the business of running the Liz and Connie Desmond Memorial Foundation, in honor of my recently deceased parents. The foundation, established just a few short months ago, will begin to benefit Vernon High School seniors though the awarding of college scholarships beginning in 2010. By the way, mark your calendars for Sept. 25, when we hold the inaugural Can-Man Open Golf Outing at Crystal Springs Resort with the proceeds going directly to the memorial foundation. Details can be found at Once again, my sincere thanks to all who were so generous with your support over these last eight years. Neil Desmond Vernon