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    March 20 Michael Gibbs, 35, of Randolph was sentenced to three years probation, 120 days jail (with 76 days credit for time served) and 36 months loss of his driver’s license. He must also undergo a TASC evaluation and follow all recommendations, undergo random drug testing, maintain employment, submit a DNA sample and pay $1605 in fines and court fees. He pled guilty on Jan. 20 to third degree unlawful taking means of conveyance, fourth degree obstruction administration of law and driving under the influence. On Nov. 10, 2007 in Rockaway, the defendant took the victim’s car without permission. He then drove the car to Morristown where he crashed into a tree. Gibbs fled the scene on foot, hindering his apprehension by Morristown Police. He was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he operated the vehicle. Matthew Cameron, 24, of Hamburg was sentenced to three years probation and 90 days SLAP. He pled guilty on Jan. 14 to possession of a weapon n destructive device, a third degree crime. Joseph M. Garofalo, 33, of Newton was sentenced to four years probation and 90 days of SLAP. He must submit his DNA and obtain gainful employment as well as reimburse his victims a total of $10,150. Garofalo pled guilty on Jan. 26 to third degree theft and third degree theft by deception. He admitted to receiving stolen property belonging to Costco, which he knew was stolen and attempted to repackage the goods and sell them to third parties. In addition, he obtained money, having a value of more than $500 from two separate individuals by creating a false impression to those individuals. Doreen P. Joseph, 51, of Montague was sentenced to two years probation, one day in jail and 15 hours of community service. She must also pay court costs. Joseph pled guilty on Jan. 22 to third degree false public alarm. She admitted that on Oct. 11, 2007 she called the State Police reporting that she had been stabbed by her mother, which later proved to be a fabrication. Daniel Wancura, 24, of Newton was sentenced to three years probation, was ordered to serve 41 days in the Keogh-Dwyer Correctional Facility and was given credit for 40 days served. He must submit to a TASC evaluation and follow all recommendations made, pay joint and several restitution in the amount of $350 and cooperate in the prosecution of any co-defendant. He must pay total fines and penalties of $155 and submit a DNA sample at his expense. He pled guilty on Jan. 20 to criminal trespass, a fourth degree crime. On March 8, 2008, Wancura and a co-defendant entered an empty residence that was under construction in Hardyston Township without the owner’s knowledge or consent. Both gave statements to police admitting to the trespass. Dennis K. Peterson, 44, of Stanhope was sentenced to two years probation, county jail for 17 days (time served), submit to a psychological evaluation and follow recommendations and submit a DNA sample. Defendant is to have no contact with the victim or victim’s family and no unsupervised contact with children under the age of 16. Fines and costs are in the amount of $205. On or about Aug. 13, 2008 the defendant urinated in a public place while in view of a minor child. Zachary Stephens, 28, of Stockholm was sentenced to three years probation, 60 days SLAP, substance abuse evaluation and treatment and $3,160 in fines. He pled guilty on Feb. 9 to the fourth degree crime of possession more than 50 grams of marijuana, the third degree crime of possession of cocaine and the fourth degree crime of possession with the intent to distribute less than an ounce of marijuana. He admitted that on April 5, 2008 he possessed a large bag of marijuana and a small amount of cocaine. That matter was investigated by Sparta Police Officer A. Petrucelli. He also admitted that on Sept. 27, 2008 in Hardyston he possessed ten small bags on marijuana that he intended to sell. That matter was investigated by Hardyston Police Sergeant Chris Bonfiglio. March 23 Kimberly R. Milner, 36, of Greeley, Pa., pled guilty to the third-degree crime of possession of a controlled dangerous substance. Sentencing is anticipated for April 17, 2009. She admitted to possessing 46 bags of heroin during a motor vehicle stop on April 13, 2007 by Sparta Police Officer Rob Fraser. March 26 A juvenile pled guilty to third degree aggravated assault. He was adjudicated a juvenile delinquent by the court. The juvenile, age 16, of Newton, was sentenced to 18 months probation with a 12 month in the custody of the Juvenile Justice Commission, suspended sentence. He must also submit a DNA sample, continue with Peter and Paul Residential Treatment, comply with CMO, follow all home and school rules and pay court fines of $45. In September 2008 he threw an aluminum baseball bat at the victim, hitting him and causing injury. March 27 Vincent Loux, 27, of Vernon, was sentenced to five years New Jersey State Prison. Loux was also ordered to pay $2,055 in monetary penalties and to submit to DNA testing. He will also be required to register under Megan’s Law as a convicted sex offender and to participate in sex offender counseling. He pled guilty on Jan. 27 to an accusation charging him with one count of distribution of child pornography, a second-degree offense. Loux admitted to the court that on Feb. 9, 2008, he had used his computer and the Internet to distribute numerous images of children engaged in a prohibited sexual act. The case was investigated by Det. David Perez-Rueda of the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office and Det. Sean Talt of the Vernon Township Police Department and a member of the Sussex County Computer Crimes Task Force, after receiving a cybertip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) a federally mandated clearinghouse for child exploitation referrals. Lisa J. Kennedy, 45 of Stanhope, was sentenced to three years probation and 45 days in jail. She must also pay court costs and provide her DNA. She must pay $31,000 in restitution. Kennedy pled guilty on Jan. 26 to third-degree theft and third-degree forgery. She admitted that between January 2005 and August 2007, while acting as treasurer of the Lenape Valley Soccer Club, she stole approximately $50,000 from the club’s checking account for her own personal use. March 30 Kelton Alston. 19, of Newton, pled guilty to aggravated assault, a third-degree crime. Sentencing is anticipated for May 8. Edwin Cruz, 39, of Newark, pled guilty to false alarm of an impending crime transmitted to a police department, a third-degree crime. Robert Roe, 44, of Newton, pled guilty to fourth-degree joyriding, driving while intoxicated, driving while suspended and two counts of leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident. Sentencing is anticipated for May 8. He admitted that on Dec. 30, 2008, he took his step-father’s car without permission. He was later involved in an accident and left the scene. Shortly thereafter, he ran the car off the road, hit a tree and abandoned the car. March 31 Lindsay M. Mussaro, 23, of Frankford, was arrested on three charges. One count of sexual assault, second-degree, one count of criminal sexual contact, fourth-degree and one count of endangering the welfare of a minor, third-degree. Mussaro is being held on $100,000 bail with no 10 percent option. Between March 21 and March 28, 2009 the defendant committed acts of sexual penetration, and sexual contact with the intimate parts of a minor male.