D'Angeli named mayor

| 22 Feb 2012 | 07:50

Lafayette Township — John D’Angeli is the township’s mayor for 2009, selected by the other committee members at the annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 6. He will serve for one year. D’Angeli has served on the Township Committee for more than 24 years and has occupied the office of mayor as many as nine times in the past, he says. He says the biggest issue facing the township this year revolves around finances. To sum it up in two words, “Budget cuts,” D’Angeli said. “The current agenda is calling for cuts in state aid and that is a big concern for me as mayor. I am concerned about the budget but I am confident we will hold it together and move forward.” Longtime committee member Richard Bruning was appointed to the position of deputy mayor. Committee veterans George Sweeney and Gregory Cochran were both sworn in for new three-year terms. — C.G. Moore