DOGS of Vernon goes ‘green'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:34

Organization promotes safety and earth-friendly measures for pets DOGS of Vernon joined in the fun at the recent Vernon Earthfest Celebration, offering earth-friendly ideas and products for pets and pet owners at their booth ranging from household cleaners, biodegradable bags to pet travel dishes for food and water. Pet safety is a prime concern for the organization, which through the ASPCA, was able to offer magnets with the Poison Control Hotline phone number as well as stickers for windows and doors containing emergency information. DOGS promotes microchipping pets as a way to identify lost animals without metal or plastic tags, which have a tendency to get lost. The organization recently sponsored a low-cost microchipping clinic at the Vernon Veterinarian Hospital during which Dr. Michael Rameiri, assisted by his veterinary technician, microchipped approximately 30 pets. Chips are registered in a national database. Shelters and rescue agencies can read the chips with a scanner, thereby identifying the pet and his owner. For more information on DOGS of Vernon, check out