Drive-in owners respond

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:22

    The Warwick Drive-in theater holds a very high standard to its customers and the features we show. When showing movies on three different screens we always try to have at least one family movie. Yes, there are times when R rated movies do play in different theaters. We do try to keep them away from the family movies. We do ask that patrons don’t sit on top of their vehicles for the safety of the patrons and for keeping wandering eyes. This customer was seeing a show in drive-in #2 and her children were on top of the vehicle. They were asked to be removed and weren’t; and everyone was informed that drive-in #1 was a R rated movie and that the bathrooms and concession stand were open in the theater so they didn’t have to go near the theater # 1. We, the owners, were not spoken to or even asked to be spoken with. We have no control over the movie ratings and co-features that play with them. We try to accommodate everyone in the theater and enjoy being able to offer an open area movie theater at a discounted rate but rules need to be followed for the safety and concern of everyone. We don’t play NC-17 movies or X rated for this reason. Anyone who wants to speak with us about our policies can contact us through our Web site: Beth and Ernest Wilson Owners of the Warwick Drive-in Theater