Family that lost home to fire thanks all who helped

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:50

    My name is Keith Bimbi, and recently my house in Lake Neepaulin burned down. First I would like to thank God for everything He has done for my family and me. He has protected my family, my neighborhood, the firemen, EMT’s, police and myself from harm during the entire ordeal. I wish to thank my neighbors, Paul Ranzan and John Castaldi for calling 911 and putting themselves in harms way to ensure that my family was safe. They are both great neighbors who looked out for my family when I was not there. There is nothing I can do to thank them enough. A very special thank you goes out to the Friends of Lake Neepaulin for the lake itself. Lake Neepaulin played a vital part in putting out the fire. Without the water from Lake Neepaulin it would have taken five to 10 more minutes for each load of water from either Clove Lake or McCoys Pond to reach my house. The fire engulfed the house in less than 30 minutes and each additional minute would have increased the danger to the brave men and women who were battling the blaze and increased the danger of the fire spreading my neighbors houses. While the town had no problem spending $150,000 to think about buying an airport, for who knows how much money, from someone who they knew was being investigated for embezzling government funds, they have a problem investing in the Lake Neepaulin community. I would also like to thank Father Charles Pericone from Saint Monica’s Church who was there to offer spiritual support to my wife and myself. I also need to thank the families of Sussex Christian School for all of their support and aid. I also thank all of the churches that have included us on there prayer chains and offered help. I need to thank everyone in the community as a whole, the businesses, people, schools, community organizations and countless others who we do not know that have help us in our time of need. Thank you. Keith Bimbi Wantage