Franklin town council wake up!

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:53

    Route 23 is full of big box stores, coffee shops, deli’s, fast food stores, gas stations, banks, strip stores and a lot of traffic. But they still want to develop the last two woodland areas. Leave that area alone and bring back some life to Main Street. I lived in Franklin from 1973-1984 and remember and shopped at some of the stores that are gone. However some new stores have returned and if the town fathers would sit down with the owner of the old Zinc Co. property and come together with a plan to bring some businesses into that area it would be great. However, I am a member of the Franklin Historical Society and I know how hard it is to bring some new life to the center of Franklin. The Thomas Edison Schoolhouse church is a prime example. As for Walsh Street, take down the 25 mph signs, put up 15 mph signs and then put three speed bumps, and repaint the double yellow lines. Noel Phillips Hamburg