Getting organized

| 21 Feb 2012 | 03:49

Lake Hopatcong n A life preserver for those drowning in paperwork or preparing to downsize their households or assisting elderly relatives with a move is the purpose of one of the newest businesses to appear on the scene. The newest professional organizers in the area are Amy Mills and Jason Nicholas who formed uncluttered minds llc. Mills is a cosmetologist and Nicholas is an architect. Bringing their unique perspectives together, Mills and Nicholas have created a new professional organizing business with services ranging from uncluttering homes to assistance in moving/staging houses for real estate. They also help their clients with personal time management. Mills’ background in paying attention to the best hair design for each of her clients and Nicholas’s background in residential design blend both talents and insights. For uncluttered minds, professional organizing is not only about making sure each item in one’s home is in its proper location, but also about finding a system that is customized to each individual’s needs. Both have experience helping friends and family get organized. “Everybody I know turns to me when they need help organizing. I decided to put my talents to use to help others become more calm and peaceful in their lives,” Mills said. “We are taking the team approach to professional organizing. We believe that the hard work and collaborative efforts of all parties involved will make for the most efficient and effective results,” said Nicholas. He continues: “The goal for uncluttered minds llc is much more than organizing a house. It is about taking that initial simplifying step and carrying through into the mental well-being of our clients. Simplify, organize, and revitalize.” “To better help our clients, we serve them in their own homes or offices. This way we can focus on their needs immediately. We even offer a complimentary first consultation,” Mills says. uncluttered minds llc may be contacted at or email at