Glen Meadow student sets reading records

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:47

    VERNON-Brandon Leidig, an eighth-grader at Glen Meadow Middle School, has broken all records ever achieved in Glen Meadow or Lounsberry Hollow with the Accelerated Reader Program, a computerized reading management program popular in both middle schools. All students are able to take tests based upon books they have read and receive points for each test they have passed. The amount of points earned increase based upon the length and difficulty of the text. Accelerated Reader helps to guide students to focus attention on careful reading of books, which improves students' critical-thinking skills and builds an intrinsic love of reading. Brandon has earned more than 1440 points this school year. This is a remarkable achievement. In order to reach this goal he read more than 85 books and he passed all tests with a 96-percent average. Leidig has read books by such authors as Terry Brooks, Mary Higgins Clark, Steven King, John Grisham, Philip Pullman, and Gary Paulsen. He has learned to appreciate a variety of genres, especially fantasy and science fiction. Leidig, who also enjoys playing sports with his friends and other activities, manages to maintain a busy schedule along with his educational pursuits. Last summer he was able to travel to England, Wales, and Ireland when he was chosen to be a student representative for the People to People Student Ambassador Program. Last year,Brandon wrote an inspirational essay for his health class entitled "My Anti-Drug." Students were requested to choose an activity or interest that would combat the use of taking illegal drugs. He wrote about the joy of traveling to different worlds through reading and of the long lasting value and effects of such a valuable past time. His enthusiasm for reading and his determination and perseverance for pursuing goals makes Brandon a role model for his peers. He will be awarded for his achievements this June at the Glen Meadow Awards Assembly.