Hamburg has its day

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:50

    Hamburg-With mild temperatures and sunshine peeking through dappled clouds -- and free food -- contributing to the festive mood of the day, the first Hamburg Day in several years was a huge success. Attended by more than 500 residents, it was the town's way of giving something back to its citizens. The Recreation Commission found itself with a surplus from its current budget and decided to celebrate with a party for its residents. Everything was free, including food, games, and various activities. Young people enjoyed the day as the DJ provided the music. Small children bounced in the moon walk and slid down a blow-up slide. Everyone had a chance to guess the number of pieces of candy in a jar, ride ponies, toss balloons, and have their faces painted and bodies "tattooed." Recreation Commission Chair Lenore Graham, praised the workers saying, "They were all unbelievable." Mayor Paul Marino reiterated Graham's kudos and added, "It's good for the town to get together and to get some interest going. It is a success." Some of the groups contributing to the day included senior citizens, fire and police departments. Cooking was done by Tammy Deoliveira and firefighters Jerry Youkon and Bob Russel; traffic was handled by Mayor Marino, Harold Decker, and Police/Fire Captain Sid Crum, Sr.