Hamburg kids discuss dream playground

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:52

    Carol Dunbar HAMBURG-Slow-but-sure is the way the students view their quest for a new playground at the Hamburg Public School. Principal Jeanette Ericksson said, "People have seen the need and have decided to take up the project." The children have participated in fundraisers along with their parents, but there is still much fundraising to be done before the anticipated completion date in two years. As the children of parents totally involved in the process, Kaylee O'Grady, Charlie Mills, and Derek Hendershot know what it will take to accomplish tgoal but are anxiously hoping it will have their favorite playground toy. "I can't wait until it's done," said Derek, a fourth grader, "but if it's not soon, I won't be able to use it." His mother explained that the playground is only for students through the fifth grade. Derek's choice would be a "pole that sticks out of the ground and you spin on it - sort of like a sit-and-spin." Charlie's choice is pretty adventurous, as he would like "a rock wall to climb, or rope swings. Maybe even the thing you stand on and somebody pushes you around." Kaylee thinks the playground could use a r-e-a-l-l-y good slide. The children are now collecting "Boxtops for Education," a General Mills program which yields ten cents per boxtop collected. Visit to see the products that are included in the program. The Hamburg Borough Hall will soon have a collection box so that residents can drop off the saved labels.