Hardyston Elementary students raise thousands for Kids Heart Challenge

| 11 May 2022 | 04:23

Hardyston Elementary School held a Kids Heart Challenge award ceremony on Friday, April 29.

Jennifer Cimaglia, principal of Hardyston Elementary School, told the Advertiser that for the last five years the school has participated in the Kids Heart Challenge. This is a fundraiser for the American Heart Association.

Mrs. Kasa, the physical education teacher at Hardyston Elementary, set a goal to raise $10,000 for the American Heart Association with her students grades K through fourth. “Our students surpassed that goal and earned a total of $18,165,” said Cimaglia. The students set up their own Kids Heart Challenge app to request donations.

Chase Diaz was one of two biggest fundraisers. Diaz is a fourth-grade student who raised $1,270 and Ava Azzopardi, the other biggest fundraiser, is in kindergarten and raised $1,237.

The entire school attended the award ceremony, which was held on the front lawn of the school. All the students who raised money won prizes. The students who raised $150 or more had the chance to color blast with colored powder two of the physical education teachers, Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Kasa.

Cimaglia said, “We are looking forward to next year and reaching a new school goal.”