Hardyston's new municipal complex could be finished by July

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:56

    HARDYSTON-Construction on the new municipal complex, located at Wheatsworth Road near the Municipal Park, is proceeding as expected and could be completed as early as July or, if there unanticipated delays, as late as October. The township needs the new building to house an expanding government as well as the Police Department. The new center will also centralize government, replacing the old municipal building at the southeast end of town on Routes 23 and 515. Best, says Township Manager Marianne Smith, the township accumulated money over several years for a down payment on the $7-million center and reaped a low interest rate when the town's bond rating was raised. In the end, she said, We are able to do the project without increasing our debt service budget number," said Marianne Smith, Township Manager. The building uses the site's topography to produce a "split level" effect by building it into a hill. One half of the building will have two stories above ground and the other will have one above ground and a basement. The municipal offices will be at ground floor in one section. Police headquarters will be above the basement at ground level in the other section. Preliminary site work has been completed, and the foundation is finished. The steel beams for the frame have been erected and workmen are not framing the building. "We have encountered delays because of the snow," said Smith, explaining a recent lack of activity, "But we anticipate the crew will be back next week."