Job sharing goes to school

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:02

    Two districts agree to jointly employ administrator/board secretary Hamburg — Hamburg and Franklin Borough school districts will break new ground this year, as they anticipate jointly employing a single business administrator/board secretary. Cynthia May-Hostler is retiring from that position in Hamburg this year. Instead of directly replacing her, the two districts plan to share the services of William J. Sabo. He currently holds that post in Franklin. The plan is considered cutting edge, as all around the state, municipal governments and school districts are investigating how to cut costs by sharing services. The two school boards have been in discussion on the move for some months now, have received a nod from the state and expect approval to be sealed by July 1. With the savings on health care and salaries, each district stands to benefit to the tune of $30,000, according to a press release from Hamburg. That district would reduce expenses by approximately that amount, while Franklin would increase its revenue by a similar figure. Similarities in the two districts make the new job not exactly twice the work, according to school personnel. “School board business administration services have been successfully shared in several South Jersey districts,” reported John Burd, vice president of the Hamburg School Board. “After a thorough review of relevant information and joint school board discussions, both districts have agreed to move forward.” A joint meeting of the two boards with the public held Feb. 10 included discussions described as “intense” about personnel committee members, vice presidents, presidents and superintendents of the two districts, according to the press release from Hamburg. “State and county attendees at the Feb. 10 meeting congratulated the two districts for undertaking discussion on this possible change in school management, and they noted that this undertaking will be watched closely by other Sussex County school districts.”