2 running for 1 committee seat

WANTAGE. Two Republicans are vying for one seat on the Township Committee in the June 4 primary

| 15 May 2024 | 05:12

Two Republicans are competing for one seat on the Township Committee in the June 4 primary: Justin Dudzinski and Marcus Luce.

Mayor William Gaechter did not seek re-election.

The committee has three members; the mayor is chosen from among them.

No Democrats have filed to run in the general election in November.

Here are the candidates’ statements:


Why are you running for the Township Committee?

As a lifelong resident of Sussex County and as a father of three little girls, I am committed to continuing to serve Wantage.

This is not new to me as I currently serve on the Land Use Board, working to bring tax ratables to Wantage (e.g. ShopRite), and the Open Space Committee to enhance our parks and services (e.g. ballfields, pickleball and disc golf).

I am proud of my contributions to Wantage Township to date!

What are the top three things you aim to accomplish if elected?

If elected, I will work feverishly with my fellow committeemen to help do more with less.

Tax increases are not acceptable, and I will work to help keep our budget in check while I work to help improve the lifestyle of Wantage citizens.

We will continue to seek state and federal grants to invest in our growing sports and activities without requiring tax increases.

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

Running my own business, along with the experience I have gained while serving Wantage, affords me the credentials needed to best serve Wantage Township and its citizens.

Background and qualifications.

To best serve Wantage taxpayers and voters today, as you select our next committeeman, I would be remise if I did not point out the main difference between myself and my opponent. That, in a word, is marijuana.

My opponent is not a lifelong resident of New Jersey; he came here recently from Washington state.

My opponent has attended countless Wantage Committee meetings with a sole purpose, bringing cannabis manufacturing to Wantage! Something he fails to mention on his political Facebook page and his ads in newspapers.

If you want cannabis manufacturing to come to Wantage, vote for my opponent. If you want to maintain Wantage’s rural beauty and want someone who will continue to work hard for all of Wantage, vote for me and I will work hard for you!


Why are you running for the Township Committee?

I am running for Township Committee with a simple priority: keeping your taxes as low as possible.

Doing so will require two things: First is restoring our local economy because when local businesses close, it is homeowners who are forced to absorb more of the municipal tax burden.

Second is making sure local government runs efficiently and never spends more than it takes in.

If we’re successful, the town will be able to provide key services at a reasonable cost and resist development plans aimed at moving people here who don’t share our rural values.

What are the top three things you aim to accomplish if elected?

In addition to keeping taxes down, preserving Wantage’s rural nature is critical.

That’s not a political talking point to me; it’s a core value. It’s why I built my farm on land previously zoned for multiple-residential development and it’s why I will always oppose big-government Trenton mandates that try to force low-income housing projects on towns like Wantage.

Lastly, I want to lead through my actions and encourage others to do the same. It’s why I volunteer every Friday night for our local First Aid Squad and will always be there to answer the call when my fellow residents need it most.

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

While a businessman and farmer by trade, I have experience working with government officials at every level, including hosting the county’s 2022 tax assessors continuing education event at my farm. Those relationships will serve our community well.

Furthermore, my candidacy is built upon our conservative values of freedom, prosperity and opportunity, which will guide my approach to the challenges we face.

It would be the honor of a lifetime to serve our township in local government, and I am humbled by the support I’ve received so far. I sincerely thank my fellow Wantage residents for their consideration and hope to earn your vote.