Adina Leuthner

| 24 Oct 2019 | 03:37

Office Sought: Vernon Township Board of Education

Age: 41

Political History: I have been serving on the Vernon Board of Education since June 2019. I currently serve on the board’s curriculum, special services, liaison, and partnership committees. I have also been an advocate at the state Board of Education level in Trenton for new laws to be passed to help support our Gifted and Talented students.

Occupation: Kindergarten through 8th grade Enrichment Coordinator and teacher

Education: BA in American Studies from Rutgers University. Post-Bachelorette teaching certificate from Bloomfield College graduating Kappa Delta Pi (International Honor Society in Education). MS in Educational Technology from Ramapo College. Currently attaining a Gifted and Talented Education certificate from Rutgers University.

Family: Husband Bret, Son Trevor, and Daughter Serena.

Top three issues: 1. All our schools should be a safe and inclusive learning environment. No child should feel that they need to stay home in order to avoid conflict at school. Our Student Life Committee has already addressed some of these issues, and our amazing teachers, administrators and staff have committed themselves to continuing the process. I will continue to support this team in their efforts to keeping our schools safe and inclusive for all. 2. With the ongoing budget cuts by the state, it is imperative that we are fiscally responsible and creative. It is important that we continue to look for a variety of alternative funding, perform an academic audit, and discontinue the use of programs, curriculum, and activities that are no longer supporting and benefiting our students. 3. Students of all ranges of need should be supported to achieve success; not only academically, but social and emotionally as well. The focus should be on the personal yearly growth of each student; meeting each child where they are and leading them to their next goal. Every child deserves an exceptional education so that they have the best opportunity to follow their heart song (dreams).