Airport sale to possibly close by summer

| 03 Feb 2014 | 03:47

A potential buyer is interested in purchasing the Sussex County Airport, with a possible closing date late in the summer.

Attorney M. Richard Valenti said the sale of the airport has been challenging because of several factors. He said the economy has made it difficult to find a buyer, and most commercial jets cannot land on the airport's short runway. The sale had to approved by the court because of various creditors and court cases involved. The land also must continue to be an aiport due to $2 million in Federal Aviation Administration grant money that already has been invested in the airport. The FAA also has 120 days to approve the potential buyer.

"With the closing date, it looks like the light is at the end of the tunnel, and it is not a freight train," Valenti said.

Mayor William DeBoer said the Township Committee was anxious to see that close.

"The Sussex Airport is a valuable asset to town and to other businesses," he said. "It would also help with the tax burden.”

Valenti said he thinks the prospective buyer plans to keep the Sussex Airport property as an airport as the buyer already has an airport at Monmouth. The buyer also plans to improve the airport.

The FAA also wants improvements made to the property and structural improvements are necessary.

Valenti said the first question from prospective buyers had been about the length of the runway and the length has been a handicap because its short length only accomodates certain planes.

"The types of planes at the Sussex Airport will not be Boeing 777s," Valenti said.