And the winner is...

Election. New Jersey is taking longer to tabulate election results this year because voting was conducted entirely by mail. Here are the unofficial, partial results as of 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

| 10 Nov 2020 | 05:08

Sparta Township Council, four-year term (two open seats):

WINNER: Christine Quinn (Commitment to Community) 6,731

WINNER: Joshua Hertzberg (Commitment to Community) 6,154

Bill Greenlaw (We Work for You!) 3,743

Dean Blumetti (We Work for You!) 3,521

Sparta Township Board of Education, three-year term (three open seats):

WINNER: Michael J. McGovern (Integrity, Transparency, Innovation) 6,798

WINNER: Robert R. Zywicki (Integrity, Transparency, Innovation) 6,415

WINNER: Christa Sorensen (Trust, Collaboration, Community) 5,806

Richard Snellings (Integrity, Transparency, Innovation) 4,946

Joanne Hoover 2,636

Write-in 315

Sparta Township Board of Education, one-year unexpired term (one open seats):

WINNER: Vanessa Serrano (Integrity, Transparency, Innovation) 8,093

Write-in 338


Sussex County Freeholder, three-year term (one open seat):

WINNER: Herbert J. Yardley (Republican) 50,682

Robert J. Slockbower (Democrat) 29,425

U.S. House of Representatives, 5th Congressional District, two-year term (one open seat):

WINNER: Josh Gottheimer (Democrat) 21,488 (Sussex County) 205,300 (districtwide)

Frank T. Pallotta (Republican) 32,156 (Sussex County) 167,840 (districtwide)

Louis A. Vellucci (American Values) 974 (Sussex County) 4,153 (districtwide)

U.S. House of Representatives, 11th Congressional District, two-year term (one open seat):

WINNER: Mikie Sherrill (Democrat) 12,330 (Sussex County) 186,050 (districtwide)

Rosemary Becchi (Republican) 15,9304,541 (Sussex County) 146,435 (districtwide)

U.S. Senate, six-year term (one open seat):

WINNER: Cory Booker (Democrat) 33,575 (Sussex County) 2,161,827 (statewide)

Rikin Mehta (Republican) 48,004 (Sussex County) 1,525,060 (statewide)

Madelyn R. Hoffman (Green) 1,540 (Sussex County) (31,146 statewide)

Veronica Fernandez (Of, By For!) 575 (Sussex County) (24,066 statewide)

Daniel Burke (Larouch Was Right) 225 (Sussex County) 8,891 (statewide)