Best kept secret revealed

| 18 Dec 2017 | 03:40

Chocolatier Lynn Anderson opened her Rose Mountain Café months ago in combination with her established chocolate shop, yet Vernonites may still not know about the new café. Off the beaten path, the chocolate shop/ café is located at 21 Highland Lakes Road/ Route 638 in Vernon.
“The honest truth is I love making good food for people. Organic is so important. Quality foods with no chemicals is a benefit to a healthy lifestyle,” Anderson stressed.
With an early bird opening, (6 am to 9 am Monday through Friday), Anderson is mindful of the commuter traffic leaving the township and is highly prepared with early morning fresh in- house offerings. Namely, different organic coffees from Dean’s Beans of Massachusetts provide various roasts for all tastes and preferences. Also available are organic lattes, teas and expressos all ready for traveling. Organic muffins and egg and ricotta crustless quiche are available in commuter to go friendly sizes. Salads and quiche are also ready for a quick pick-up work lunch and after the holidays, Anderson will begin serving soups during the cold and flu season, concentrating on healthy soups like lentil and the benefiting bone broth soup. Another of the Rose Mountain Chocolatier/ café’s specialties are cheeseboards which feature organic cheeses, beef and pork, mango chutney, wild mushrooms and stone -ground mustard from fresh mustard seeds.
Anderson is “food excited.” She speaks of her organic chocolate and is hopeful of the success of her new café venture.
“I have so many ideas for great, healthy foods, my head is exploding with ideas,” she beamed. “My secret is revealed, good healthy food, right on the way to work,” Anderson smiled.