College of New Jersey, SCCC enter agreement

Newton. Schools enter into articulation agreement for Sussex Community College Honor Students who complete an associate degree to transition into The College of New Jersey bachelor's program

| 09 Sep 2019 | 04:16

The College of New Jersey and Sussex County Community College have entered into an articulation agreement.

The agreement will enable Sussex Honors Program students who complete an associate degree from Sussex to transition to a BA or BS degree at TCNJ.

The memorandum was formally signed at an event on TCNJ’s campus on Wednesday, Sept. 4.

“We understand that for many reasons, including the ever-increasing financial burden of a four-year degree, rising numbers of academically gifted students are continuing their post-secondary education at community colleges,” said TCNJ President Kathryn A. Foster. “We know that these students are being served extremely well at schools like Sussex, which boasts one of the highest graduation rates for community colleges in New Jersey.”

Sussex President Jon Connolly believes Sussex honors students will sink their teeth into the opportunity to continue their studies at TCNJ.

“At Sussex, students have the chance to invent themselves in an intimate environment surrounded by scholarly excellence and get a feeling for what college is all about,” Connolly said. “During this transformation, they yearn for something more and our honors program encapsulates that. It’s a program of excellence and focus and now that focus includes the possibility of coming to The College of New Jersey.”

The agreement received applause from elected officials in the districts of both institutions as well.

“This agreement will be a great benefit not only to the students of Sussex County Community College but also to the campus of The College of New Jersey,” offered NJ Assembly members Verlina Reynolds-Jackson and Anthony Verrelli via a letter of support. “This memorandum ensures those who wish to further their education have a clear and easy transition to a four-year institution.”

To ensure students from Sussex County Community College will feel at home on campus, TCNJ will conduct a special orientation session for new transfer students. The college also will arrange for students admitted under this agreement to form a cohort with honors transfers from other community colleges. This cohort will be guided by a faculty or staff mentor during the first transitional semester at TCNJ.