Dean’s List stars

| 01 Feb 2021 | 02:19

The following local students were named to their respective university’s fall Dean’s List:

Mercer University

Blair Mackie of Sparta, junior, College of Health Professions

University of Delaware

Clare Bohn of Oak Ridge

Alaina Kurish of Franklin

Danielle Torsiello of Oak Ridge

Michael Axiotes of Stockholm

Mackenzie Lally of Hamburg

Helena Kateris of Oak Ridge

Taylor Grisback of Lafayette

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Gianluca A. Bivona of Sparta

Montclair State University

Juliet Testa of Newton

Molly Mitchel of Newton

Brian Berchak of Stanhope

Zach Clements of Newton

Leslie Gallagher of Byram Township

Julian Kight of Stanhope

Arianna Ippolito of Newton

ZW Gleason of Newton

Caroline Ryerson of Newton

Dylan Pippitt of Newton

Samantha Givone of Newton

Alexis Simpson of Stanhope

Evan Vetter of Byram Township

Morgan Poe of Newton

Dylan Cadmus of Stanhope

Matt Collins of Newton

Anne Mohan of Newton

Kirk Frantzeskakis of Byram

Samuel Bloch of Stanhope

Isabella Ghaleb of Newton

Victoria DiFabrizio of Stanhope

Brielle O’Connell of Byram Township

Haley Pollison of Newton

Nick Saladino of Newton

Lauren Kornmann of Stanhope

Hunter O’Meara of Andover

John Dobroskok of Andover

Emily Redmond of Stanhope

Payson Oelkers of Newton

Kianna Sawicki of Byram Township

Lindsey Bicher of Byram Township

Heather Dickerson of Newton

Nicholas Dobroskok of Andover

Brooke Wallgren of Newton

Manuel Ortiz of Newton

Melissa Diaz of Stanhope

Kevin Kapuscinski of Newton

Liam Nelms of Fredon

Ray Casasnovas of Andover

Emma Hesse of Newton

Julia Kruck of Newton

Jessica Tattersall of Newton

Matthew Gilmore Gilmore of Byram Township

Kaitlyn Andolena of Stanhope

Katie Reidmiller of Newton

Marisa Belcaro of Andover

Afton Goriscak of Newton

Jessica Pirrello of Newton

Steven Correa of Newton

Erin DeVito of Byram Township

Natalie Yost of Andover

Victoria D’Alessandro of Newton

Franki Potocki of Highland Lakes

Eric Ames of Glenwood

Josh Imbimbo of Sussex

Rayane Yamout of Sussex

Stevie Vallellanes of Highland Lakes

Jamie Overbey of Highland Lakes

Jasmine Rodriguez of Sussex

Victoria Sajak of Wantage

Louis Delaosa of Wantage

Tiffany Viera of Vernon

Jenna Mengersen of Highland Lakes

Cam Lake of Sussex

Erin Sytsema of Sussex

Lauren Walter of Vernon

Dan Imbimbo of Sussex

Samantha Sutter of Wantage

Kendall Van Vugt of Highland Lakes

Heidi Wassong of Wantage

Justin Waltner of Sussex

Hailee Werner of Highland Lakes

Nick Grubic of Wantage

Anastasia Polito of Sussex

Sergio Rivas-Ortiz of Wantage

Marwa Mahmoud of Sussex

Emily Dunn of Wantage

Kia Sabo of Wantage

Michael Stefkovich of Vernon

Cheyenne Santiago of Highland Lakes

Meghan Waltner of Sussex

Nicole Kuperus of Sussex

Melissa Garcia of Highland Lakes

Mikayla Gall of Oak Ridge

Reychel Cabarcas of Oak Ridge

Gabrielle Colella of Oak Ridge

Samantha Corrales of Oak Ridge

Hannah Atoynatan of Franklin

Victoria Dixon of Franklin

Gigi Maldonado of Franklin

Katie DeBell of Oak Ridge

Liam Defaoite of Oak Ridge

Peter Klein of Oak Ridge

Mariah Ouellette of Hamburg

Brian Sutherland of Ogdensburg

Steph Krakowski of Oak Ridge

Brianna Inglima of Hamburg

Jared McNamara of Hamburg

Lexie Haurey of Lafayette

Peyton Mann of Oak Ridge

Lexi Millar of Oak Ridge

Courtney Inglima of Hamburg

Danielle Gutt of Hamburg

Tim Nuzzetti of Stockholm

Brandon Mantilla of Oak Ridge

Nevin Collora-Elsayed of Lafayette

Maddy Yodice of Franklin

Hannah Macaluso-Green of Hamburg

Robyn Platz of Lafayette

Jason Dubinski of Lafayette

Damien Innella of Oak Ridge

Samantha Decker of Oak Ridge

Ryan Gutt of Hamburg

Ryan McCoy of Lafayette

Karl Shucai of Ogdensburg

Steven Breeman of Oak Ridge

RJ Hutchinson of Oak Ridge

Jenna Bronstein of Franklin

Makenzie McMillan of Franklin

Ana Concepcion of Franklin

Matt Thompson of Ogdensburg

Janecia Cabrera of Hamburg

Alex Thompson of Ogdensburg

Kayla Cespedes of Hamburg

Connor McCoy of Lafayette

Tori Flynn of Sparta

Kaitlyn Stouch of Sparta

Mase Minetti of Sparta

Melissa Becker of Sparta

Victoria Montesano of Sparta

Anne Burns of Sparta

Daniel Johnston of Sparta

Michael Tartaglia of Sparta

Lauren Krause of Sparta

Delaney Forziati of Sparta

Kadijah Casanovas of Sparta

Cassidy Dock of Sparta

Jenna Cole of Sparta

Jeanne Earl of Sparta

Alessandra Sturchio of Sparta

Jake Binder of Sparta

Emily Sullivan of Sparta

Tara Byrne of Sparta

Jordan Bess of Sparta

Steven Ochoa of Sparta

Marina Sabahia of Sparta

Paddy Finnegan of Sparta

Vinny Molinari of Sparta

Ellie Hartranft of Sparta

Farrel Windle of Sparta

Ashley Vasquez of Sparta

Emma Rust of Sparta

Connor Merklinger of Sparta

Sean Fitzmaurice of Sparta

Joanna Muino of Sparta