Food donation bill passes committee

| 21 Dec 2017 | 03:12

    Legislation sponsored by Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris) to encourage more food donations to New Jersey non-profit organizations has been approved by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
    “The unfortunate reality is that many New Jersey families struggle to find their next meal,” Oroho said. “They depend on food banks and other non-profits, and we need to do whatever we can to ensure those kinds of organizations can continue to support these families.”
    The bipartisan legislation, S-3012, encourages more food donations by allowing income tax deductions for charitable contributions of food made in the tax year from business inventory.
    “Food banks, like the one operated in Sussex County, does an excellent job in working to meet the need in the community, and promoting events such as the Champions for Charity ‘Stuff the Bus’ food drive,” noted Oroho. “Whatever additional tools we can employ to increase food donations is dearly welcomed by these organizations.”
    More than 1 million people living in New Jersey lack consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy lifestyle and have limited availability of food that is considered “nutritionally adequate.”
    “A tremendous amount of food is wasted simply because appearance and other cosmetic conditions,” Oroho said. “That food would go a long way in feeding hungry families. This new tax deduction will encourage philanthropic gifts of food to deserving organizations and help reduce the number of those who needlessly go hungry in this State.”
    The measure passed the Senate in June. It now heads to the full Assembly for a vote.