From black plastic to spring magic

Vernon. Volunteers from across the community worked hard to make Vernon’s Town Center more beautiful this spring.

| 30 Apr 2021 | 03:02

You may have noticed a difference on Main Street just before Earth Day.

To improve the visual landscape of Vernon’s Town Center, volunteers created beautiful wooden planter boxes to replace the black plastic bags that have covered the inactive fire hydrants for way too long.

Sally Rinker and the Economic Development Committee came up with the design, Councilman Andrew Pitsker coordinated the project, Suez Water granted permission to cover the fixtures until they are ready for active use, the Vernon Rotary Club provided funding, and Boy Scout Troop 404 built the planters.

Now, the Vernon Beautification Committee will do their magic and add beautiful flowers, which will really give Main Street a boost.

Once these hydrants are connected to the water line, the boxes will be removed and used in other Town Center locations.

Participating volunteers:
Matthew Brandt, Scout Master Troop 404
David Jacobs, Assistant Scout Master Troop 404
Cody Jacobs, Boy Scout Troop 404
Paul Brandt, Boy Scout Troop 404
Adam Bailey, Boy Scout Troop 404
Pat Yaccarini, Vernon Rotary
Bob Jordan, Vernon Rotary
Peter DeWolff, Vernon Rotary
Mary Lynn Haug, Vernon Rotary
Peter Warren, Vernon Rotary
Jennifer Lubliner, Vernon Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)
Joyce Brensinger, Vernon Beautification Committee
Reba Burrell, Vernon Beautification Committee
Mary Ellen Vichiconti, Vernon Beautification Committee
Andrew PItsker, Vernon Town Council
RoseMary Toye Polhemus, President, Vernon Rotary