Glen Meadow introduces fifth graders to school

Vernon. Students at Glen Meadow Middle School howed fifth graders what they can expect from the school next year.

| 14 Nov 2019 | 04:53

Glen Meadow Middle School gym was filled with many 5th graders and their parents Wednesday night to learn about electives and activities that they can take next year when they enter the sixth grade.

The program was called “5th Grade Family Explorations Electives Experience.”

Principal Rosemary Gebhardt opened the event by saying to the fifth graders and parents, “This is a taste of things to come in your future. Please take advantage of the programs we offer and the after-school activities.”

Gebhardt encouraged everyone to “Peruse, mingle, walk around, talk to the students, and enjoy the food provided by a NJEA Pride Grant that the school received!”

Students from each of the electives made a poster board explaining what the class was about, and in some cases, provided demos or showed things that were built or designed. The students answered questions the 5th graders or parents had about the topic. Electives, which included Physical Education, Personal Fitness, French, Italian, Spanish, Theater Technology Innovations, Design Construction, Building design, Engineering, Marketing Multimedia, Art & Design, Coding Class, Innovations Lab, Computer Science, and Foundations Lab.

Rebekah from the Theater Technology Innovations class said she loved the “hand-on experience!” For her, helping with the school musical make-up, working on advertising, building websites and practicing improv skills were valuable life-long skills.

One parent said the school typically mails flyers home during the winter months so they could talk about the best choices. They often base their decisions on what they learn during this event. It is a way to give them an idea of what to expect and get them exciting about middle school. She said seventh-grader was very happy with her classes and now it was time for her fifth-grade son to learn about the offerings. The parents and students decide together and select their top 3 and the school will enroll them in that class next year when they enter the sixth grade.